DIMASH “Amazing Singer and Inspiration”

Passion, Talent, Voice, Technique, Discipline, Training, Artistic Expression, Family and Purity of Soul

by Dra. Hildegard Wöhler Granados
Life and health sciences
Creator of the Wöhler method


“"The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but the hardest to play "
Richard Strauss 

“Don't go after the beauty of glory, try to be the best at what you do”
Abay Kunanbayev (Kasak poet) 

“I'm just an ordinary hard working motivated person. Now that I'm young and my passion hasn't been extinct, as long as possible, my mission in life is to sing”
Dimash Kudaibergen


When we start from the basis that human beings are not thinking beings with emotions, but rather emotional beings that can think, we can begin to understand from where we listen and enjoy our life, art and music and/or in particular, of some artist. The process is not cognitive, it is completely emotional.

Art knows no boundaries between countries or culture, nor does it require the same spoken language or the same beliefs, because both its expression, and its reception or enjoyment, happens thru an exchange that goes beyond the intellectual, beyond the ages or gender and when it is great, authentic, delivered with love, dedication and humility, as Dimash does it, millions of people listen that inside themselves and automatically will connect with this unspoken information and will follow him, regardless of their culture, age, believes or historical time. 

Dimash proposes a new concept of art, music, personality and leadership of being a public figure. He has introduced to the world and his Dears, his family, his team, his friends; He shares with his followers his life, when he eats, when he sleeps, when he rests, when he plays, and when he is wrong, laughing at himself, showing his humanity, like of any other human being. He greets, says goodbye, appreciates being treated with empathy and love and asks if Dears liked his album or some new song. He is a simple man, who behaves like the great ones, with wonderful education and respect for all. He freely expresses that he cares about the world we live in today, openly acknowledges his spiritual formation, he thanks and recognizes at all times his origins and the good fate of his destiny, having been born into his family and in his beloved Kasakjastan country, full of ancient traditions, with enormous human wisdom. He shines with consciousness. 

The systemic proposal has meant a huge theoretical, epistemic, clinical and methodological revolution, which explains the phenomenology behind the thousands of Dears from different parts of the world who attended Kasakhastan in June of this year, just to see and enjoy Dimash's singing. This theory supports that it is inside the field of the family system, where all genealogical information is contained and connected, that is, information collected from history and past evolution, whether from the culture, a family system, the same organization, or from a group of fans. This is a "racial memory" or a "family memory" as Freud explained or it is Carl Jung's "collective unconscious" or Timothy Leary's "neurogenetic circuit." 

The morphic or systemic resonance or the principle of this collective memory explains that each family or group has its own collective memory, to which all its members are connected and have access, whether they have it consciously or not. The transmission of information occurs within this morphic field and is a common memory, shared by all members of a clan, or admirers of a singer, whether or not they have lived in the same spatiotemporal coordinates. Up today, the systemic model has gained global prestige and acceptance in the different academic, clinical, pedagogical and social fields, to name just a few.

Where do my feelings and admiration for Dimash come from? There is something that surpasses his art: the majesty in his voice and his human presence, simple, humble, authentic, spontaneous, respectful. It is true that all his production of stages and costumes are spectacular, his choirs are insurmountable and his dancers are brilliant, yet, many times Dimash sings alone on stage, filling it completely, with nothing, no one more than himself. His art, his talent, his singing, his voice, his soul, enters like an arrow directly to your soul, without going through the ears and only connects intimately from his interior with yours, taking you to an unsuspected, magical corner, that you did not know existed inside you; it makes you dream, heal in a variety of ways, nourishing you and connecting you with the thrill of a joyful and enlightened life. I connect with all his unspoken information that makes me fly over his artist wings, every time I hear him and it has changed my life forever. Dimash is a wonderful artist that shines, as only the enlightened do and He unites, fans or dears as he affectionately calls us, we listen to him and follow him from all corners of planet earth, we are of different sexes, of different beliefs, customs, cultures, ages and professions and Dimash has united us, in a consciousness of brotherhood, love, acceptance and respect for every human being and Country. Personally I consider Dimash to be a gift to our world convulsed by lack of values, respect, very hurt by pain and sadness; I think that at his young age, he is an extraordinary example of life, particularly in the new generations and of the true meaning of what self-commitment to one's own dreams means.

“Life is a great gift from the Creator. And art is an opportunity to live it, with meaning. 
I personally think so.”
Dimash Kudaibergen

“Music has the color of a Chameleon”
Dimash Kudaibergen

 “In singing, there are three levels of techniques: basic techniques, excellent techniques and superhuman techniques and Dimash has reached the level of superhuman techniques, 
in addition, He knows how to perform songs” 
Fu Lin Presidente de la asociación de músicos Pop en China

Fu Lin explained that “the dark horse”, as Dimash is affectionately called in China, conquers with 3 tools:
1.- His transition between high and low registers is perfectly smooth
2.- He has a wonderful vocal agility when opening and closing his vocal tract
3.- He has a great breathing technique, holding and releasing

In addition, Fu Lin added that Dimash possesses a vocal range of more than 4 octaves having the ability of controlling the all or perhaps more.

For me, it is a joy to hear Dimash at different concerts and performances singing the same songs, realizing that each time there are small variations, that obviously have to do with his moods in that moment. He invariably delivers his singing from his Soul, with his love for singing and sharing them and, understanding with great simplicity, wisdom and humility, that the relationship with his Dears as he lovingly refers to his fans, is directly proportional to his success.

This relationship Dimash – Dears, is a closed circuit, started by himself, from the information with which he is born and from the moment he commits himself to being a singer, something he did at a very young age, and, to deliver everything that with his Art achieves; from this place, he proposes his singing and gives it completely, paying attention to the details that he considers, will brighten the hearts of his listeners, who in turn, react intimately to what they receive far beyond music and the way in which it is delivered to them, being flooded by multiple information that intersect, both in the conscious and in the inner depths of the unconsciousness. All achieved through perfection in the artistic proposal, with an astonishing musicality and rhythms that invite the body and interior to move, with an extraordinary, sweet and melodic voice and a superhuman singing technique, perfected throughout hard study and effort for 20 years. All this informational emotionality, goes directly inside, completely and at once, harmonizing the internal realities of life, of whom is listening and of whom is singing.

“I can say that my new album is released from a pure heart and is proof of my love for my fans, for my Dears. Often, I listen to the confessions of many of my listeners, and my love and gratitude to them, I can only express through my songs. 
So I know this album, is my confession of love for each of them. 
If the album reaches one Soul, there will be no more happiness for me”
Dimash Kudaibergen

At a hearing level, Dimash singing harmonizes only 10% of the brain, as grey meteria is the one that manages "hearing listening" and only stimulates some part of our brain. At the biological level, Dimash singing harmonizes the rest of the brain's 90% and it is listened by the skin, the tissues and muscles, with the heart encoding and decoding the information contained in each electromagnetic wave, generated by Dimash's heart issued while he sings, and captured by the listener's heart, beautiful information loaded with all Dimash´s intention, emotion and spirituality, including not only the information acquired from his personal experience in his life, but also the information from their teachers and trainers, inside and outside the world of music; that of his beloved grandparents, that of his "wings" as he recently referred to his parents, as well as the information printed at the moment of his conception and with the history of his family system and that of his beloved Kasajo people, as well as the information that his archaic brain codified, while developing warmly loved and protected, in his mother's uterus.

It is not necessary to understand at a cognitive level the lyrics of the songs, nor to know the language in which Dimash sings, because listening is both real and symbolic; in fact, symbolic listening is the favorite of the brain and Dimash is a master when it comes to taking over all the emotionality of the character of the song and/or the story or message, to express it in addition to his voice, with his heart, with his body language, intonation and facial expressions. As he has declared, every time he sings, he first becomes the protagonist of the story, taking the experience to a real plane within him, for not only interpret it, but first live it and then deliver it in his singing.

The skin, tissues and muscles collect the information and each listener´s heart is the first organ to decode all the cocktail of information and later send it to each cell of the body and in a bio-electric pulse and then raise it up thru the spine to the thalamus and the hypothalamus, where they become a pattern, such as a brain pacemaker that generates a synaptic pulse, which first synchronizes both hemispheres, causing the exchange of information at a molecular level (peptides) in 90% of the brain, information that will reach each cell of the body thru peptides, modifying it with the emotion that it carries, and at the same time, stimulates the limbic system, responsible for regulating physiological responses to certain stimuli (emotions) and interacts very quickly with the endocrine system ( glandular) and peripheral nervous system, also affecting human instincts, such as involuntary memory, hunger, attention, sexual instincts, emotions, personality and behavior. This process may well explain the well-being and recovery of health at many levels, reported by thousands of Dears around the planet, by hearing Dimash singing.

“In love there is the paradox of two beings who become one 
and, however, there are still two” 
Erich From

“Wherever my Dears are, I will be singing to them, without them, the light of Dimash on stage would disappear; my achievements today are the result of their passionate support,
and that always brightens my heart”
Dimash Kudaibergen

Love is the basis of our intrapersonal identity. What we believe changes radically, when love affects us.

For most people the problem of love is fundamentally "to be loved" and not "to love", not in one's capacity to love. Hence, the problem for them lies in how to get loved and how to be worthy to receive that love. People assume that the problem of love is that of an object and not that of a faculty. People believe that loving is simple and that the hard part is finding an appropriate object to love or to be loved by; being reality in reverse. Loving requires a great faculty, it is a verb in present continuous timing.

Dimash Kudaibergen is a complete and extraordinary artist, with a pure personality, true to his ideals and values, who enjoys his magical singing and singing to his Dears, in the live performances he gives. The way he sings, the way he looks, the way he dresses, the way he moves across the stage and the loving way of interacting with his audience, is simply unique and beautiful.

Dimash sings out of Love, from his Love for Allah, since from an early age he understood through his education and spiritual formation, that in life things happen to us because it has to do with our destiny and because The Creator, allows it; he sings out of love to his Kasajo people and to all the people involved in his career, his designers of image, costume, musicians, photographers, all the team required to put together and give a concert; he sings out of love for his teachers who formed him and gave his life a rail. He sings out of love for his parents, his family and his grandparents, particularly for his grandmother, who was the person who came up with the idea that Dimash should take music classes and as grandmothers do, she got engaged to his grandson and for years took him to his classes , with perseverance and commitment, regardless her health; sings out of love for his idols, such as Igor Krutoy, Jacky Chan, Michael Jackson, Celin Dion, Freddy Mercury, among others, because in his own development as an artist, singer and musician, he understands the effort that each of these great artists had to make, for the good performance and success of their own careers; and above all, he sings with deep love for humanity and very much and with gratitude, for his Dears.

I consider Dimash to be a gift of hope and example to an angry world, dissociated from its emotions and the nature of the human Soul that is love; Dimash is a phenomenon, he is an exceptional young man who has worked hard since the age of 5 to achieve beyond excellence, his musical proposal and who shines on his own, intuitive, perceptive and visionary, and, in addition of singing extraordinarily well and succeeding as a composer and musician on piano, drums and Dombra, a traditional Kazakh folk lute; He has a particular and high awareness in the commitment of what it means to be an artist and an example to those who admire him, particularly for children and youth. His creativity catches the eye. What he does, what he thinks and what he creates with his Art is original, novel, different from the common and conventional, his behavior is out of what what anyone could expect, he is a born leader.

The most important phenomenology in Dimash´s art, comes out of his internal information, from his life management, from a vital and harmonious nucleus consciousness that organizes his life, with all his personal, family and Kasak history; with his family upbringing, his spiritual training, his human, values, his academic, singing, artistic, musical and acting training; with his natural talents in his voice, inherited and preserved by the information on his family system and granted to him, by the Creator whom Dimash´s refers to, as Allah; talents entrusted to him and elevated to superhuman techniques, thru discipline and hard work; this, coupled with his good nature, positive and authentic emotions, such as righteousness, loyalty, friendship, justice, compassion, humility, and gratitude for having inherited his skills; all honorable and frank feelings that inhabit and structure his Soul; plus the beautiful and velvety musicality that comes out naturally from him. His art is extremely pleasurable to the listening ear and the eye that observes him, the magic of his singing relies though on the fact, that all the information above enters inside his listeners as pulse and vibration of pure love, honor and respect for his fellows, with the satisfaction of giving and sharing all through his art, creating a climate that ignites the Soul and powers well-being and comfort inside and outside the body of his listeners or "Dears", taking them out of his train of thoughts, which are usually obsessive and anxious in modern life, this stimulates the production of serotonin levels, called "the happiness neurotransmitter" or "the humor hormone". This hormone has an important role in inhibiting anger and aggression and in regulating sleep, mood, appetite and sexual desire (among other functions, in which several neurotransmitters also participate) and is especially linked, to dopamine production which is the pleasure hormone.

I think of Dimash´s singing as a living being, not only a hearing phenomeno, but one able to modify emotion in the listener and able to generate an elevation in the levels of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, with experimentation and prediction of a pleasant feeling while listening to him, and also with a component of motor character, that stimulates “to move in life", with the motivation of the information heard internally, although not necessarily conscious. Nietzsche put it very well when he said that "we listen to music with our muscles" and our heart is a muscular organ.

True leaders, who have promoted a development of growth and quantum leaps in the consciousness of humanity, and who have not only appeared within a religious movement, but have been present in life in varied and different fields of human beings, such as arts, science, philosophy, medicine, politics, etc., have always pretended within their own historical context, the well-being of people, their growth, their realization, their happiness and have dispensed with the desire to shine for their pleasure or personal benefit.

Dimash has expressed in different interviews and on several occasions, which is the purpose of his art:

"My goal is to take my listeners to another world with my singing, wishing them to feel better than before hearing me" 

"It is my wish to send a message to my listeners, that there must be equality thru out our world; everyone in this world is an equal, regardless the nationality, or if you are a representative of any great power or even if you are a citizen of a powerful country, you must look at the citizen of a small country, as an equal. All of us people, must try to understand each other, avoid bothering each other, and/or hurt each other, only then, all of us human beings, are we going to be happy. I wish there will be no more wars in the world; I wish not to see tears in children anymore. I believe that there will be happiness in our world when there is peace and harmony on earth. For this reason, the song War and Peace was written, this is one of my dreams"

Where does Dimash turns to inside him, in order to express and share all this love, intentions, desires, information, sensations, emotions, when he sings? Where does it dwells the refuge of his inexhaustible passion that Dimash´s accesses over and over again, every time he sings, composes, or plays an instrument? ... maybe that's a secret only between him and Allah.


This publication was developed thanks to the request of Alma Serikbay, reporter for informburp.kz from Kasakhstan, whom I thank and send affectionate greetings. Dr. Wöhler

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71 Replies to “DIMASH “Amazing Singer and Inspiration””

  1. Thank you for this written piece, it is profound in its explanation of how this young man walks through his life, the spirit of love, humility, truth and compassion lie deep within his soul, he is a pure channel through which only purity can flow, he is wise beyond his years, and that inner wisdom and understanding I believe is intrinsically linked to God, or Allah from whom all spiritual inspiration flows, and Dimash. is an evolved soul sent to enlighten the world about Love, and Brotherhood, He is gifted with a power that is born of Humility, and the resonance of his voice reaches out to humanity in peace, respect humility and again love. Thank you again

    1. Thank you so very much Margaret to read me and for your sweet reply. I couldn´t agree more with you. Dimash is truly a divine gift, at a very difficult time for our world. This beautiful Kasakh Prince is our opportunity as a humanity to remember our origins of love and that living with honor is the only thing that will allow us to evolve and be happy. Hugs Dear.

    2. Dear Margaret, Thank you for Reading me. I couldn´t agree more with you dear Margaret, in truth Dimash is a rare soul with an oustanding talent and a wonderful message for our world, of brotherhood, respect for all countries, their traditions and the spiritual beliefs of each one and above all love among human beings, with a great example of respect and admiration for the family as an institution and their adults, with their wisdom for life. As I see it, Dimash is a Kazakh Starborn Prince, who shines with his own light, as only the enlightened do. Hugs to you Dear, please keep in touch.

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